The Apex fiberglass pool from AVIVA Pools

Introducing the APEX Collection


The APEX Collection takes the concept of the popular full-width splash pad to another level with the marriage of a full-length bench along the right side. This provides the luxury of a spacious resort lounge area while also having the option of additional comfort the full length of your pool.

You can enjoy relaxing in the shallow end or be active in the deeper end of the pool. This is contemporary design at its highest and most beautiful level.

The APEX is available in three lengths (30, 35 and 40 feet) with a full width of 15’ 5”.  It offers the beauty of a full-width splash pad plus the added brilliance of a full-length bench along one side of the pool.  This pool combines elegance with practicality with a style that is pure, clean and powerful.


Splash Pad

The Apex showcases as a design highlight an outstanding full-width splash pad that is a full 15’ across and extends a full eight feet in length into the pool. This provides a very attractive area to gather, play and relax. With a water depth in the 17-18” range there, this feature allows for the placement of chairs and small tables for even greater enjoyment of your swimming pool.


What makes The Apex even more outstanding is the incorporation of a full-length bench / step in-out seat. This bench extends from the splash pad area and continues to the deep end of the pool.  It provides an attractive area for people to step in and out of the pool, to sit on and relax, or play in the various depths of the pool.

an outstanding design

Combining these two design features of the full-width splash pad and the full-length bench provides an incredible design that has strong eye-appeal while providing practical entertainment opportunities. In addition to these features, the 40 foot pool provides ample space for pure swimming fun.

design features


When ready to step into your pool, you will find two steps that allow you access down into your swimming pool. Each of these steps are one foot in length and eases you into an area that is approximately 4’ 4” in depth.


At the entrance of The Apex, we added two small step-in seats at each corner. There is also a third step in seat at the corner of the right side on the deep end where the full-width bench ends.


The Apex has a gradual slope that is just under 10 degrees. This allows for a gradual descent to a final depth of 6 feet in the 30′ length, 6 feet 6 inches in the 35′, and 7 feet in the 40′ length pool. The water level tends to be about 3 or 4 inches below the top of the pool.


As with every Aviva Pools design, there is an added element of a safety ledge around the pool. This is an area that offers about 2 inches of depth around the pool which allows less comfortable swimmers access to hold onto or step onto. That feature makes it easier for those inside the pool to grasp onto a ledge to pull themselves up and to also step onto if they wish to get to the waterline or want faster access to the top of the pool.


To see the complete visual design of The Apex, we invite you to look at the line drawings for this new pool model. There you can see all the design elements found within the pool, including the splash pad, the full-length bench, the interior steps and the grading within the pool.

gelcoat color options


The Apex’s core design is matched by its superior gelcoat color application. Aviva Pools uses only the finest gelcoat available and allows Aviva Pools to offer the highest UV protection and the strongest opponent to blistering and chemical degradation. This gelcoat has been proven as the top quality gelcoat for over twenty years as it has demonstrated its value through the hot summers and has proven its durability through its use for more than a decade within the robust winters.

The Apex Collection is offered in all the current color versions available within the Aviva Pools color range.  Choose from Amalfi Turquoise, Bora Bora Black, Exuma Silver, Gibraltar Grey, Maldives Blue, Seychelles Sand and Tahiti Blue.

The beauty of the Aviva Pools’ gelcoat is backed by the company’s 10 Year Gelcoat Warranty.

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Source: Aviva Pools