Aquamarine Pools installs over 800 pools per year. This makes Aquamarine Pools the largest Fiberglass Pool builder in the United States. Aquamarine has up to $1,000,000 in inventory and the financial backing to handle any problem that can or could arise. Aquamarine has a 99.89% satisfaction rating.

Aquamarine is a licensed (L451994) master builder. The state of Texas does not require pool builders to be licensed. Aquamarine feels all builders should be licensed however. Builder licensing assures the public that a builder has at the very least, some basic construction skills and knowledge.
Is the pool builder you are talking to licensed? Aquamarine holds Builders Licenses in multiple states.

Aquamarine's pools and installations are ICC-ES Certified (International Construction Code Evaluating Service). What does that mean? Processes and procedures are followed through the manufacturing and installation process. This makes a quick and quality installation swimming pool process. Is the pool builder you are talking to ICC-ES Certified?

Aquamarine Pools is the builder of choice for inground fiberglass swimming pools and is a select Viking Pools Dealer.


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    AQUAPOOLS.COM - The #1 Choice in

    Fiberglass Swimming Pools

    Transform your backyard into a private oasis with your own high quality, award-winning, inground composite fiberglass pool or spa from the Aquamarine Pools! Your first choice for a new fiberglass swimming pool or spa!
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    We are happy to provide award winning swimming pools
    to Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana customers!
    Lifetime Structural Warranty
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    Exclusive Swimming Pool Dealer in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana
    Glamorous Fiberglass Swimming Pools
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    Google 5 STARS
    "Aquamarine Pools of Texas is 'the real deal!!'
    Best decision I made was choosing this company."
    – Blake and Jacqueline Cromartie (TX)
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Welcome to Aquamarine Pools


fiberglass pools dallas tx Aquamarine Pools (aquapools.com) was founded in 1997. Each year we grow larger with more and more locations to serve you! Aquamarine Pools specializes in inground fiberglass and carbon fiber composite pools. We build award winning fiberglass pools throughout Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

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Why build a pool with Aquamarine Pools:

Lifetime Fiberglass Swimming Pool Warranties
Vinyl Ester Resin with Ceramic Core Technology
Over 16,000 Successfully Installed Fiberglass Swimming Pools
(8) Locations to Better Serve You
Licensed, Bonded and Insured
Specializing in Cocktail Pools
Free Quotes for Pool Cost and Installation.
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Interact with this 3D virtual tour of a recently completed Luxe 30 model pool from Aquamarine Pools. This will allow you to virtually walk around the pool to see what your backyard oasis could look like.


Fiberglass pools are fast and affordable to install! This timelapse installation video shows a standard pool installation by Aquamarine Pools. If you would like to see a comparison of three types of inground swimming pools: fiberglass pools, concrete pools, and vinyl liner pools, visit our blog article here: Comparing Fiberglass Pools, Concrete Pools and Vinyl Liner Pools.


$2,000,000 in Liability Insurance

Aquamarine Pools is bonded and carries $2,000,000 in liability insurance!


Aquamarine Pools is Also Bonded

Aquamarine Pools is also bonded and carries $25,000 in a Business Services Bond!


TRUTH About Pool Warranties

Learn the TRUTH about fiberglass swimming pool warranties!


Talk of the Town


Aquamarine Pools of Texas LLC has been Rated Among Best in Region

Aquamarine Pools of Texas LLC earned a 5 star rating and the 2020 Talk Award! "It takes dedication to win this Award multiple years in a row!"

"Aquamarine Pools of Texas LLC is the talk of the town in 2020. Congratulations on joining a very select group of companies that have earned top customer satisfaction ratings and won The Talk Award for excellence in customer satisfaction. With a 5 star rating, Aquamarine Pools of Texas LLC now belongs to an even more elite group of companies having earned customer satisfaction awards for multiple years. You and your team are to be congratulated."

Awarded to: Aquamarine Pools of Texas LLC
Star Rating: 5
City: Georgetown
State: Texas
Category: Contractors
Presented by: Celebration Media U.S. (CMUS) and Talk of the Town News

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We have also received The Best of Houzz award!

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Fiberglass Pool Advantages


San Antonio TX Fiberglass Pools

Viking Pool Finish

Lifetime structural warranty and a limited lifetime surface warranty


Vinyl Ester Resin

Provides you with greater impact resistance, optimum blister protection and a beautiful profile.


Exclusive Ceramic Core

The heart of every Viking pool is the ceramic core, sandwiched between two protective layers of specially designed resin and fiberglass.


Hand Laid Fiberglass

The final stage of every Viking pool is a specially designed resin and hand laid fiberglass.


Closed Beam Coping

Means your pool is built using the strongest method of construction in the industry.

See Full Advantages

Click here to view the full Advantages page.

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