The Apex fiberglass pool from AVIVA Pools

Quality Pool Construction


The Aviva Pools line of fiberglass swimming pools espouses the values of world-class design matched with flawless manufacturing. This achievement is possible through an uncompromising spirit of integrity shared by all who contributed to the creation, sales, distribution and installation of a wide range of products. Such standards deliver the premium experience you can expect from the Aviva Pools brand.


Aviva is committed to a standard of using the finest materials, employing the most experienced craftsman and applying the utmost care. Such devotion to quality renews our tradition of excellence through continual refinement.

Aviva pools are exclusively manufactured with premium raw materials and an artisan spirit by our team of industry experts. That superior choice is far from the industry standard and will ensure that you purchase a premium product that is also backed by all our warranty guarantees.

“Aviva Pools are designed to protect themselves.”

Providing for your Family

Owning your own Aviva Pool means unlimited access to lifelong family memories and with a product built to last. The dazzling surface of your Aviva Pool is coated with the top-rated gelcoat composite in the industry, offering a nonporous, smooth to the touch finish that won’t agitate skin or trap and hide algae. Plus, integrated nonslip protection ensures safe enjoyment for all.


Ensuring your Investment

Aviva Pools devotion to a responsible manufacturing process inside and out has placed us at the forefront of our industry. The assurance of this benchmark rests in meticulous quality control and routine lab testing to ensure the performance of our products, and our promise to you.


Crafting a Legacy

What makes an Aviva Pool different? It’s the passion, care and attention to detail taken by the artisans who build each and every pool. Aviva understands that they are not just building a fiberglass shell, they are crafting the framework for the memories that you are going to create around your Aviva Pool.

Lifetime Warranty

Aviva Pools takes great pride in the delivering of dreams to families all across the country. With a commitment to ethical practices and a sense of responsibility to uphold, they ensure that each and every Aviva Pools composite fiberglass swimming pool meets the high standards possible. This quality embodies a promise that is reflective of the values we stand for.

Every pool that leaves the factory is outfitted with a unique plaque, signifying its authenticity as a true Aviva Pools swimming pool. This fingerprint provides proof that your new pool is covered by the Aviva Pools world class Lifetime Warranty.


We invite you to the backyard of your dreams. Discover the beautifully crafted Aviva Pools models available, all crafted with an artisan spirit.

Reach out to us by calling 800-432-8994 or by visiting our FREE POOL QUOTE page. We will then connect you with your closest independent dealer who can provide you with additional guidance and information (including a free estimate.)

Source: Aviva Pools