Small Inground Fiberglass Pools-Top Designs for 2019

Aquamarine Pools – AQUAPOOLS.COM really enjoy meeting with our customers and sharing our design experiences. One of our favorite parts of the process is helping our customers choose the right fiberglass pool for their backyard. Each year we have a list of top selling pools, here’s our list of top five small pool designs for […]

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Fiberglass Pool Builder Aquamarine Pools

Best Fiberglass Pools

Aquamarine is dedicated to providing superior products and the best fiberglass pools!  We use the highest quality fiberglass pools, and pool components, to insure dependable construction when building your dream backyard! Our superior fiberglass pools have elevated performance to a higher level.  We use only the award winning brands of Viking Pools, Trilogy Pools, Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass […]

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Extend Your Pool Season with a Swimming Pool Heater

In our part of the country, your swimming season does not need to be limited to the warmer months. Aquamarine Pools ( has options available that will help you heat your pool in the cooler months or extend your season! In our Swimming Pool Features section you will find options for swimming pool heaters by […]

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fiberglass swimming pool san antonio tx

Swimming Pool Winterization Recap: Top Mistakes to Avoid

It was a summer of record heat in many areas of the country – that’s the bad news. The good news is that it was a summer of record pool time for swimming pool owners! But, even the hottest of summers come to an end, so it’s time to start thinking about closing your pool for the […]

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Why Millennials Are Choosing Fiberglass Pools

As a group, millennials tend to be curious, social, eager to learn, tech savvy, and open to changing the status quo. Consequently, it’s not surprising that those who are considering the purchase of a swimming pool are increasingly attracted to fiberglass pools. They’ve done their online research. They’ve talked with family members, friends, and coworkers. They’ve […]

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Concrete versus Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Which Pool Makes Sense for Texans? Although the decision to install an in-ground swimming pool may be a no-brainer in most areas of Texas, the details of that are anything but cut and dried. Gunite seems to be the favored, “go-to, tried and true” pool material for Texans, but when you take a closer look […]

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Tips For Hiring a Pool or Spa Contractor

Information to Guide You Never hire anyone who comes to your door unsolicited, seeking business. Talk to a minimum of three contractors about your project. Look for firms that have been in the pool and spa or building industry for at least five years. Never allow a builder to rush you into signing a contract, […]

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Six Deadly Pool Purchasing Mistakes

This Consumer Information Department’s special report is a free guide from The Aqua Group to you. It is designed to help educate you about the common mistakes many consumers make when shopping for the right pool. This free report will arm you with just the right facts, information and questions you need to know to make a […]

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Mythbusters: Top 7 Fiberglass Swimming Pool Myths Debunked

Fiberglass is made from lightweight glass fibers that are as flexible as silk, can look like cotton candy, yet are extremely strong and durable. It is found in many arenas of manufacturing and is one of the more reliable materials on the market today.  Despite these amazing properties, myths about fiberglass being a suitable material […]

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