How Much Do Fiberglass Pools Cost?

One of the first questions our customers ask is, how much do your fiberglass pools cost? We’ve tried to make purchasing a fiberglass pool as easy as possible. We have our Pool Specials posted on our website with a complete list of what they cost and what’s included. We get it, price matters! Due to our sales volume we are able to successfully haul over a dozen swimming pools at one time. This dramatically reduces the cost of freight, and in return, lowers the cost of the swimming pool for our customers.

Fiberglass Pool Sizes

Fiberglass pools are classified as small, medium and large. Small pools are pools 12′ and less in width. Medium pools are pools that are up to 14′ wide and Large pools are 15′ and larger.

Fiberglass Pool Cost

For complete pool installation with everything found in a basic install with 3′ of concrete surround, LED pool lighting and maintenance equipment,(minus rock busting, fencing or electric upgrades).

Small Fiberglass Pool Cost

Typical price range: $24,000–$35,000

Medium Fiberglass Pool Cost

Typical price range: $35,000–$42,000

Large Fiberglass Pool Cost

Typical price range: $42,000-$50,000+

Installation typically includes:

  • Pool
  • Shipping
  • Pump/filter system
  • Excavation (does not include busting rock)
  • Crushed stone backfill
  • Maintenance equipment for fiberglass pools
14’x33′ Claremont fiberglass pool shown

Fiberglass Pool Option and Accessories 

Salt systems start at $1,750

Pool heaters

  • Gas pool heaters: $2,300-$5,500
  • Heat pumps:$3,000-$6,000

LED lightingmost all of our pools come standard with LED lighting, some customers do request more lights. Typically each additional pool light will add between $900-$1,600

Tile can be added to almost any pool and perimeter tile will range from $2,800-$5,500 depending the size of pool.

Deck Jets & Cascades add between $375-$1,400 depending on the amount and size.

Laminars are a stream of water that has light travel thru them. A laminar will start around $2,000.


All of the figures and prices are general figures. We hope this article is informative and helps give you better understanding of what fiberglass in ground pools cost, and give you a better idea of what to expect when you start the process of exploring fiberglass pools.

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