Swimming Pool Covers

When you think “pool cover,” the image that comes to mind may be of an old school cover that served its purpose but didn’t do anything to enhance the visual aesthetic of your pool area. Thankfully, today’s pool covers bear no resemblance to those relics. Instead, they provide a variety of options to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Under track systems. These systems have a track that sits out of sight below the pool’s coping (i.e., the edge of the pool deck). When the cover is retracted, your guests may not even know the track is there.
  • Top track systems. When an under track system isn’t feasible, a top track system is easy to install and comes in different variations including recessed tracks. These systems use durable, high-quality materials that don’t distract from the beauty of your pool.
  • Multiple color options. Tan? Blue? Green? What color will look best with your backyard decor? You can choose the hue that’s right for you!
  • Choice of lids. There are multiple options for how an automatic safety cover system is covered when retracted, including aluminum and walk-on concrete lids.
  • Seating/concealing combos. In some cases, the best way to conceal a retracted pool cover is with a bench that provides the added benefit of seating at the end of the pool.

Don’t wait to plan your new swimming pool, with the option of a safety cover! Visit the Aquamarine Pools (aquapools.com) Pool Covers page to learn more!