Aquamarine Pools installs over 800 pools per year. This makes Aquamarine Pools the largest Fiberglass Pool builder in the United States. Aquamarine has up to $1,000,000 in inventory and the financial backing to handle any problem that can or could arise. Aquamarine has a 99.89% satisfaction rating.

Aquamarine is a licensed (L451994) master builder. The state of Texas does not require pool builders to be licensed. Aquamarine feels all builders should be licensed however. Builder licensing assures the public that a builder has at the very least, some basic construction skills and knowledge.
Is the pool builder you are talking to licensed? Aquamarine holds Builders Licenses in multiple states.

Aquamarine's pools and installations are ICC-ES Certified (International Construction Code Evaluating Service). What does that mean? Processes and procedures are followed through the manufacturing and installation process. This makes a quick and quality installation swimming pool process. Is the pool builder you are talking to ICC-ES Certified?

Aquamarine Pools is the builder of choice for inground fiberglass swimming pools and is a select Aviva Pools Dealer and Latham Pools Dealer.


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Current Pool Owner Warranty Repair Request Form
CLICK HERE for current owners of Latham Pools (Viking, Trilogy, Blue Hawaiian or Liberty Composite Pools) that are in need of warranty repair work

CLICK HERE to visit the Hayward website and see the list of Hayward Authorized Service Centers

Guide to Understanding NEC Pools and Spas - ARTICLE 680 - Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, Fountains, and Similar Installations. The requirements contained in Article 680 apply to the installation of electrical wiring and equipment for swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, fountains, and hydromassage bathtubs. The overriding concern of this article is to keep people and electricity separated.


How to Clean a Cartridge Filter
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Properly Drain Your Swimming Pool
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Learn More About Your Chlorinator
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You Think You Have a Leak?
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Spa Jet Maintenance
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How to clean your cartidge filter
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How to change a LED light
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LED Manual

Download Fiberstars PAL 2000 Manual

Dye Testing
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Note: Red food coloring or phenol red from test kits can be used as die.

Pool School Part 1
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Pool School Part 2
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