Did Someone Say, Pool Party?

Labor Day is around the corner, and for most Texans that means backyard BBQs, the start of football season, and pool parties! If you want to have a successful get-together, here are a few things to keep in mind as you’re planning your event.

Plan Your Party

It’s not a good idea to try to put together a party at the last minute, but this is especially true for pool parties. Give yourself plenty of time to get your pool clean and your pool deck “guest ready”. Don’t let poor planning sink your party before it ever starts.

I might also recommend making a Facebook event page so that you can give your guests updates, answer questions, and keep anticipation high!

Have a Theme

Though this is not required for a successful pool party, a good theme can really kick a party into high gear. Since Labor Day is right at the start of football season, and we love our football, a favorite team theme is the most obvious choice.

Regardless of the theme, keep it simple and remember a little goes a long way to making sure your friends and neighbors remember your pool party for years to come.

Good Food

It wouldn’t be a party without food and drinks. Keeping it simple is often all that is needed when hanging by the pool!  The most popular option for food is the time-tested favorites of hot dogs and hamburgers.

While “burgers and dogs” are classics, you can enhance the experience with something like a condiment bar. Set up a small table with ketchup, mustard, pickles, and more.  To spice things up a bit, some variations on chili flavors is an idea.

Turning our attention to the beverages, be sure to have plenty of water and soft drinks on hand. A big jug of sweet tea is also a popular option.

Good Tunes

A good party always has good tunes! These days most of us have some kind of Bluetooth speaker or sound system that connects to smartphones. If not, one can be purchased without breaking the bank. Opt for a waterproof option, as it will likely be near the splash zone.

Again, plan ahead and get your pool party playlist ready, or find one on your music streaming platform of choice.  Another option would be give guests access to the speaker, so everyone can take turns at being the DJ.

If you’re hosting a kid-friendly party, it may be best to create your own playlist to minimize the chance of an unwanted track playing unexpectedly.



Some games and events at the party can certainly add to the fun, especially if there’ll be children at the party.

In the pool, you could coordinate some noodle or float races, or you could toss a bunch of loose change into the pool and have a dive contest. If you have a basketball hoop by the pool or a volleyball net, you can easily start a game.

Out of the water, games like corn hole, horseshoes, or a ladder toss are popular. Of course, throwing a football around is usually a crowd favorite.

Finally, be safe and have fun!


If you read this and don’t yet have a pool, then please see our current FIBERGLASS POOL SPECIALS, or call us at 800-432-8994 to discuss your new pool.