Large Inground Fiberglass Pools-Top Designs for 2019

Aquamarine PoolsAQUAPOOLS.COM recently posted our “Small Inground Fiberglass Pools – Top Designs for 2019” article for those planning a smaller pool, but for those wanting a large swimming pool with plenty of space for more people, we have identified our most popular large fiberglass pools based on pool shape. Each year we have a list of top selling pools, here’s our list of top five large pool designs for 2019:

Large Fiberglass Pools

Barcelona: This is a 16’ x 38’ rectangle shape pool design that one of the most preferred rectangle fiberglass pools in the country! This pool has a stylish curved step entry and ranges from 3’6” to 7’ in depth.  If you are looking for a lot of swimming space, the Barcelona may be the perfect large rectangle pool for you.

Large Fiberglass Pool
Barcelona Model by Viking Pools in Pebble Beach Finish

CancunThis is the 16’ x 35’ freeform shape pool with some of the most stylish curves found on any pool. This popular pool has a flowing step design, and comfortable seating ledges tucked away in some key spots on pool.  Often this pool is outfitted with streams and waterfalls to compliment the unique shape.

Large Swimming Pools
Cancun Model by Viking Pools with Mystic Spa and Rock Waterfall

Eden E-37This NEW model is “making a splash” with many of our 2019 customer requesting this 15’ x 37’ freeform pool!  This pool has a built-in splash deck, swim out seat and a deep end bench.  If your goal is to maximize use of all areas in the pool, then this may be your perfect backyard solution.

Large Fiberglass Pools
Eden E-37 Model in Sapphire Blue Finish

Cancun Deluxe Considered by some to the “almost” twin sister of the Cancun, the Cancun Deluxe has the same amenities of the traditional Cancun but with the addition of a built-in spa.  This pool and spa combo is the perfect blend of style and functionality.  The pool size remains 16’ x 35’ as with the Cancun, but designated area by the entry steps now serves as your luxurious spillover spa.

Large Swimming Pool and Spa
Cancun Deluxe Pool & Spa Combo in Sapphire Blue

Rembrandt: This classic shape pool is everything you want in a large swimming pool.  This pool is 16’ x 39’2” and has the slope style of traditional classic pools.  The Rembrandt slopes gradually from steps at both ends, to the deeper area of 5’4” in the middle of the pool.  Many choose to add bubblers in one, or both ends, of the pool to enjoy the peaceful sounds of water as they cool off in this customer favorite.

Rembrandt Model by Trilogy Pools in Pacific Blue with Bubblers

You can find more information about Pools by Shape or Pools by Style (including Pools by Size) on our main website.  We also have a FREE Pool Quote and have great savings listed on our Pool Specials page.