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Popular Fiberglass Swimming Pool Options for 2019

Aquamarine Pools ( has helped many homeowners over the years to build the ideal backyard get-away.  In doing so, we are often asked to recommend and design an outdoor living space that may have additional water features such as custom lighting or areas ideal for shallow water lounging.

Now we would like to share this information with you by taking a look at four commonly added pool options and add-on features.


What pool options are popular for inground swimming pools?

  • Tanning Ledges
  • Rock Waterfalls
  • Streams
  • Fire Bowls / Fire Pits


Tanning Ledges


Tanning Ledges are quickly becoming the most common add-on for inground swimming pools.  Many of our fiberglass swimming pool owners love this water feature as it perfect for lounge chairs, as a kids’ play area, or shallow water sunbathing.  A tanning ledge adds an element of running water and turns the entire pool into a water feature.

There are many fiberglass pool designs that are a perfect fit for these ledges.  Some of these include the following Viking Pools models: Laguna, Laguna Deluxe, Cancun, Cancun Deluxe and Caribbean.

Trilogy Pools also has the perfect solutions for your taste.  The Trilogy Pools line of Tanning Ledges range from rectangle shapes, to semicircles, to a more fluid freeform styling.

Regardless of which swimming pool you choose, we are happy to help you determine a tanning ledge option that best fits your backyard.


Rock Waterfalls

Cancun Deluxe Pool & Spa Combo in Sapphire Blue


Your new swimming pool is going to be the focal point of your backyard, but by adding a rock waterfall,  you can create a tropical oasis.  The sounds of the water spilling into your pool often proves therapeutic for your personal paradise.

Keep in mind there are countless options when adding a rock waterfall to your swimming pool.  There are many options and design styles available.  These range from 4 ft. double falls, to the Texas Two-Step with rounded boulders.  Other options include loveseat grottos and other styles of waterfall.  Each with a unique style and design specific to your space.

As waterfalls can come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, our experienced representatives will be happy to help you find the design to fit your budget and your backyard vision.

Once your new pool is complete, we also recommend adding a rock border and plants adds to the natural beauty, making your rock waterfall look like it’s been there forever.




Listen to the tranquil sounds of flowing water with a stream for your inground swimming pool.  At the time of installation, our trained pool experts will install these jets along the tile line of your pool.  This popular add-on gives you the option of streaming water at the touch of a button.

This popular feature is adjustable, allowing directional flow for the perfect appearance.  You can also choose from our four face plates in black, white, gray, or beige.  You can also choose to eliminate the plate by adding tile to your pool. This is a perfect option for a sophisticated polished look.


Fire Bowls / Fire Pits


It is always fun to gather around a fire, and when it is by your pool, it can create dramatic lighting to further enhance the experience. Properly placing your fire bowl or fire pit, can create a warm area to gather around and can be complementary lighting for your LED pool lights (see our article on pool lighting options).

Our trained staff can help you determine the right fire feature to suit your exterior. Wherever they are placed, they give the same aura, burning your pool area with style, drama and beauty!

When gathering ideas for your new pool, be sure to consider a fire feature.  It can really make a difference in the atmosphere and overall enjoyment of your pool.

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