Swimming Pool Lighting for Your New Pool

Enjoying your swimming pool doesn’t need to “cool down” in the evenings!  With properly designed swimming pool lighting, and using today’s high-quality LED or fiber optic lights, you can create your own unique nighttime oasis.

Modern LED and Fiber Optic Lighting

Not the inefficient incandescent in-pool lighting of the past, today’s LED and fiber optic lights come in a wide variety of colors, and even offer rotational color-changing options. Controlled from an app on your phone or a control panel, you can set the lighting just how you want.

For an added bonus – LED and fiber optic lights are very energy efficient, and provide substantial long-term savings on power consumption.


Your Own Pool Lighting Style

When you think of the perfect nighttime oasis, you don’t stop with the in-pool lighting.  Lighting around your pool can also create a unique space styled specifically to your taste.  Placing lights around walkways, pool decks and other landscaping elements can help light a path for people, and make the area around your pool safer. Not to mention it can help keep light-attracted bugs away from the water.


Choosing the Right Pool Lights

Think about your preferred lighting concept before you start building your new pool. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can visit our Pool Lighting page to get ideas.

Once you have a general idea of where you want the lights, you will then need to choose the type of lights.  The options are incandescent lighting, LED lighting or fiber-optic lighting.

Even though cheaper initially, incandescent lighting doesn’t touch LED when it comes to energy efficiency and longevity.

Fiber-optic is typically the most expensive of the three, but also offers more flexibility in color and hue. With the increased expense over LED also comes less effort to maintain.

Speak with an Aquamarine Pools ( specialist today to discuss your new pool, and the perfect swimming pool lighting for the outdoor living space of your dreams!


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You can learn more about fiber optic and LED pool lighting options on our Lighting page.