Aquamarine Pools installs over 800 pools per year. This makes Aquamarine Pools the largest Fiberglass Pool builder in the United States. Aquamarine has up to $1,000,000 in inventory and the financial backing to handle any problem that can or could arise. Aquamarine has a 99.89% satisfaction rating.

Aquamarine is a licensed (L451994) master builder. The state of Texas does not require pool builders to be licensed. Aquamarine feels all builders should be licensed however. Builder licensing assures the public that a builder has at the very least, some basic construction skills and knowledge.
Is the pool builder you are talking to licensed? Aquamarine holds Builders Licenses in multiple states.

Aquamarine's pools and installations are ICC-ES Certified (International Construction Code Evaluating Service). What does that mean? Processes and procedures are followed through the manufacturing and installation process. This makes a quick and quality installation swimming pool process. Is the pool builder you are talking to ICC-ES Certified?

Aquamarine Pools is the builder of choice for inground fiberglass swimming pools and is a select Aviva Pools Dealer and Latham Pools Dealer.


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swimming pool and spa settling issuesSPA OWNER - PROBLEM:
In 2006, we undertook a major pool remodel project with a local Phoenix pool builder (one of the largest and most established - and thankfully still in business to honor their warranty). Along with a complete overhaul of the equipment, and re-plastering of the pool and addition of a water feature in lieu of the diving board, we added an integrated partially above ground hot tup (around seat height for easy entry, with a spill way into the pool).

Within a year, we experienced significant settling issues with visible heaving and cracks in the grout and in some instances the exterior tiles. The pool contractor has tried numerous fixes over the years, and the problems re occur. They were out to repair it again, when the sub-contract tiler refused to inject the filler and tile over what he considered major structural cracks that he uncovered.

Settling on new construction is no good. The good news if you have a company that will tear out and redo a mistake, that is rare and a good thing. May not need tear out may need some form of pressure grouting, or concrete leveling process. There are allot of company's that run and hide when mistakes are made. And every company that does volume can and will make mistakes. Let them run the course before you get engineering firms involved, or drill deeper. If they are still working with you should STAY CALM and let them do there thing.

After further investigation (removing tiles), Shasta has proceeded on their own accord with a complete demolition and re-do of our 6-1/2 year old spa. It seems that the supervisor on the job failed to put in any footings for the structure, and the gunnite pour had the walls 3" narrower than called for in the plans, which he compensated for by using 3" of concrete affixed on the outside. Taken together, the errors and omissions have resulted in the settling and cracking throughout the body of the structure.

After removing more tiles and the interior plaster coating, it was determined that the entire structure was badly deteriorated in several locations (both exterior corners and N. wall) and was beyond repair.

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