Things to Consider When Planning an Inground Pool

If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard, create a play area for the family, or provide a spot for entertaining friends and family, planning an inground swimming pool should be something worth considering. Having one is a great (and fun) way to beat the heat during hot days, and it also adds value to your home. Before building a pool however, you should know about the right style and size to choose based on your backyard.

Pool Typesinground fiberglass swimming pools
Pools come in all shapes and sizes, there are different pools for different lifestyles. Recreational pools are shallow at one end and deep on the other. They come in a variety of different shapes.  The most common choice among homeowners are the standard rectangle and the modern freestyle designs.

Lap pools use a common rectangle shape similar to Olympic pools, but are narrower, which makes it ideal for training and exercise.

Swim spas are ideal if you want a pool that generates artificial currents.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools
The fiberglass pools carried by Aquamarine Pools are pre-molded to the highest standards, and come in variety of different styles. Let us take care of properly preparing the hole for your selected pool, install all necessary plumbing and components. We will then finish the installation properly to provide your ideal backyard oasis.

Pool Decking
Bricks, concrete, tiles, and stones are some materials that you can use for the pool deck. You decide if you want these materials to occupy only the borders of the swimming pool or create a pathway along the backyard. Regardless of the material used, we will work with you to design your decking to match your style.

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