Swimming Pool Landscaping Tips

Do you want to update the landscaping around your pool with a new look? Perhaps you are wanting something more vibrant, or with more color? If so, know that giving your backyard a new look doesn’t have to be expensive!

There are many affordable pool landscaping ideas that can make your backyard look amazing. All of the ideas listed below will help you achieve that, and can be done without the expense of calling in landscaping professionals. These are easy to do, and can take less than a day in most cases.

We hope this post will help you update your backyard pool area, and let you design the new backyard oasis you have always wanted!

Before you begin your backyard project, use this checklist to prepare for your new pool landscaping:

  • Be sure to clean the pool deck and area around the pool.
  • Mow your lawn and remove any clippings.
  • Pull weeds around the area you will be updating.

Easy Pool Landscaping Ideas

String Lights

String lights add just the right amount of brightness to any setting.

These lights are easy to set up and are much more energy efficient than larger more permanent lights. These lights also won’t break the bank when updating your pool lighting features.

We have seen very successful lighting achieved with the use of standard white bulb Christmas lights positioned strategically around the pool.



Firepits, Fire Bowls, and Fireplace

Firepit features have long been one of our favorites. It is always fun to gather around a fire, and when it is by your pool, it can create dramatic lighting to further enhance the experience.

Properly placing your fire bowl or fire pit, can create a warm area to gather around and can be complementary lighting for your LED pool lights (see our article on pool lighting options).


Rock Features

The use of natural, or modern composite stone material, is a very popular compliment to most outdoor living areas.

The use of stone for edging, a decorative walkway, a waterfall feature, or even a rock garden, can make your pool area really POP with color and style.

Prepare your rock area properly at the start with some weed-blocking material such as landscaping plastic, and you will also eliminate a majority of weed issues you may have in the future.



Plants are often the perfect accessory for pool areas where you want to soften the lines of the pool deck or surrounding area. Using the proper mix of plants such as creeping ground covers, palm tree or shrubs, or other broad-leaf plants can add a tropical feel.

We hope you have found this article useful in updating your current pool area.

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