The World’s Most Glamorous Fiberglass Swimming Pools

We at Aquamarine Pools (aquapools.com) have been building inground swimming pools for years.  Recently we expanded our products to include the AVIVA Pools™ brand of fiberglass pools.  This is due to the amazing features, deep rich colors available, and quality warranty on these products.

By adding this new line to our already award-winning inground pools, including Viking Pools, Trilogy Pools, Blue Hawaiian Pools and Liberty Composite Pools, we can certainly build the backyard of your dreams!


AVIVA POOLS™ Builder of Glamorous Fiberglass Swimming Pools

aviva-pools-colors aviva-pools-from-aquapools

Bring the world’s greatest luxury destinations to your backyard paradise. We offer seven beautiful selections that glisten and sparkle in the sunshine.  These pools also provide some of the highest levels of protection in UV, blister and chemical resistance available. AVIVA POOLS™ provides a ten-year guarantee on the highest-quality gelcoat in the market today. Ask your dealer to view and touch a sample of our color tiles. Bring the wonders of the world to your home oasis.

See the Aviva Limited Warranty information here.


AVIVA POOLS™ – Excellence in Construction


All AVIVA POOLS™ are built using only 100% full vinyl ester resin providing the highest level of strength and protection.



AVIVA POOLS™ factory allows control of environmental conditions to assure highest quality compliance.  There is never a worry about bad weather to build a great product for your family.



All AVIVA POOLS™ products are checked at various production stages to assure it meets our quality controls that have been developed over years of research and experience.


To see some recently completed AVIVA POOLS™ from Aquamarine Pools, visit our new AVIVA POOLS™ section on our website, or call us at 800-432-8994 to speak to a representative.