fiberglass pool colors

Swimming Pool Colors

We are pleased to carry the top lines of fiberglass swimming pools available! Aquamarine Pools ( has chosen the inground fiberglass pool brands of: Latham Pools and AVIVA Pools™.  Each line comes with unique styles, shapes, water features, sizes and colors.  This article will help you see the many swimming pool colors available when you have Aquamarine Pools build your new pool!

Swimming Pool Colors

Bring the world’s greatest luxury destinations to your backyard paradise.


The color and finish of your pool directly affects its overall appearance. The Viking Pools and Trilogy Pools lineups offer a variety of exclusive colored finishes along with standard gel-coats to create a wide range of effects.

The Crystite® and Diamond Series™ finishes are a complex formulation of layered gel coats, colored flakes, sparkles and colored resins. The specific formulations create an available color palette with actual three-dimensional depth which transfers more light and color back into the pool water than other colored finishes.

The Crystite® G2 finish sparkles with colored flakes and custom designed resins.

Granite Finish Swimming Pool Colors by Viking Pools
Granite Finish
Pacific Blue Finish Swimming Pool Colors by Viking Pools
Pacific Blue Finish
Pebble Beach Finish Swimming Pool Color by Viking Pools
Pebble Beach Finish
Sapphire Blue Pool Finish from Viking Pools
Sapphire Blue Finish

The Diamond Series adds deep, rich color to the pool’s finish.

Azure Diamond Series Swimming Pool Finish by Viking Pools
Azure Diamond Series Finish
Maya Diamond Series Finish Pool Colors by Viking Pools
Maya Diamond Series Finish
Persian Diamond Series Finish by Viking Pools
Persian Diamond Series Finish

The standard Gel Coat finish is a light and dependable finish for any pool.

Viking Blue Finish by Viking Pools
Viking Blue Finish
Whisper White Finish by Viking Pools
Whisper White Finish


AVIVA POOLS™ offers seven beautiful selections that glisten and sparkle in the sunshine while also offering you the highest level of protection in UV, blister and chemical resistance. See the AVIVA POOLS color page here.

swimming pool colors from AVIVA POOLS


Bring the wonders of the world to your home oasis.  See more on our Swimming Pool Colors page on our main website.

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